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Coolness inside

The Magnoto Photos are not only practical, there are totally cool, too. Place them on your page wherever you want (free module placing), add some captions or change the whole look of the picture frame with one click.

And there's even more: With the manifold design options you can individualize your page with many different background images, funny magnets and other cool elements. Combine your pictures with additional Magnoto modules (e.g. notes, audios or videos) and your friends go 'Wow!'.

2. Send your picture via MMS or via any other e-mail account to your Magnoto page.
1. Take your picture, e.g. with your mobile phone or digital camera.
3. Your picture is in your personal library (edit mode). Publish it with one click. That's it!
You want to share your party or vacation pictures with your friends on the web?

With Magnoto, sharing and publishing of your digital photos is child's play - and so much fun!

Just send an e-mail with your digital photo(s) attached to your personal Magnoto page. That's it - no hassle with upload programmes or propriety frameworks. You pictures are on the web instantaneously.

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