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Magnoto in japanese (fake).
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Magnoto in saxonian dialect (German)
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Magnoto in bavarian dialect (German)
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Magnoto in northern German dialect
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"Will auch nen Magnoto!" (German)
Go on air!
Tell it to the world - here and now.

It has never been easier to host your own web radio. Just send your audio message (any current audio file, e.g. WAV or MP3) via your mobile phone or via any e-mail account to your Magnoto site. And your site goes "on air"!

The audio notes are not only practical, there are totally cool, too. Place them on your page wherever you want (continuously adjustable) and add some captions.

With the manifold design options you can individualize your page with many different background images, funny magnets and other cool elements. Combine your pictures with additional Magnoto Modules (e.g. notes, photos, videos) to pep up your site for your friends even more!

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"Krasses Magnoto" (German)

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