"Glue" a note to your page - that's so easy!
The Magnoto Notes pep up your page especially in combination with other Magnoto Modules: "Glue" a note next to a funny picture, add an explanation note to a mini video or advertise an audio file - your page comes alive!
Let's go
Publishing your notes and blogposts on the web has never been easier and cooler

Just send an e-mail to your Magnoto site and in a blink of an eye your text is online in a new note.

But there's more: Choose out of a growing catalogue of different note designs, place them on your page wherever you want (free module placing), edit the texts directly inside the notes or put them offline or online at any time.

With the manifold design options you can individualize your page with many different background images, funny magnets and other cool elements. It's so much fun!

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