Feature List
Posted by Olaf, 12/31/2005 10:55 pm
Concept Internet service for creating and hosting of blogs and websites. Emphasis on easy handling and flexible alignment options for modules (content elements).
  • Note (blog post)
  • Photo
  • Video (inline playing with Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Flash, external playing)
  • Audio (inline playing with Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, external playing)
  • Magnet (Additional design elements)
  • Browser-based
  • Site editor has the same view as the visitors (WYSIWYG)
  • Modules can be dragged by mouse to the desired position (Drag-and-drop)
  • Rich text editor, no HTML knowledge needed
  • Many editing steps are computed without page reloading (AJAX technology) - that means very fast and easy editing
Number of account users 5
Web address for accounts accountname.magnoto.com (Subdomain, can be changed)
Languages German (.de), English (.com)
Character sets virtually all for user content (Unicode)
Number of pages (in one account)
  • Not limited
  • Navigation is generated automatically
  • Page order is adjustable in the navigation
Comments yes, can be deleted by the account owner, moderated or unmoderated
Syndication feeds RSS 2.0
  • for account
  • for individual pages (password protected for non-public pages)
  • for public comments
  • for comments waiting for moderation (password protected)
Podcasting yes, feeds include enclosures for audio and video files
Page layout Three modes for module layout (and posts):
  • Classic blog (one below the other)
  • Flow (modules fill available space, one row after the other)
  • Free (modules can be placed freely per drag-and-drop, modules can even overlap each other
Pagination for classic and flow layouts (number of modules per page can be configured).
Sorting of modules Ascending/descending order according to date/time, for layouts with sorted order
Module design Design options, default module templates can be set for each page
Page background
  • Selection of images
  • Upload of images by user
Page access protection
  • Public
  • Only for friends (password)
  • Only for logged in account users
Module access protection
  • Online (on pages)
  • Offline
Modules that are online are protected by the optional access protection of the page. Modules that are offline can only be accessed, viewed and edited by account users.
Upload Photos, video und audio files
Photo adjustments Automatic creation of thumbnails (individual size) and resizing of the bigger image, if applicable.
  • Email and email via MMS
  • Writing texts in a HTML browser on a mobile phone with Magnoto's mobile version
A message (e-mail) can contain any number of photos, videos and audio files, incl. the message text.

Each account has a general e-mail address (accountname@magnoto.com) and each page has a specific e-mail address (pagename@accountname.magnoto.com) for sending content directly to the page.
Mails send to a specific page can be published at once or can be collected in an inbox (in the library).
Mobile version At accountname.magnoto.com/mobile a mobile-optimized version can be accessed with a HTML browser on a mobile phone.

The mobile pages also allow some edit functionality:

  • Create and edit texts
  • Delete modulesĀ 
System requirements Firefox >= 1.5, Internet Explorer >= 6.0 on Windows, cookies and Javascript enabled
Memory limit 50 MB
Further features Permalinks, timezones
Service charges Free (during the beta phase)

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